Game Details

Water Over Under

How to Play

Divide players into 2 teams who line up in rows behind a large container filled with water. Place an empty bucket behind the last player in each row.

Give each team a sponge.

On GO, the first player on each team wets the sponge and passes it over his head (over) to the second player. The second player passes it through her legs (under) to the third player. Players continue to pass the sponge over and under until it reaches the end of the row.

The last player in each row squeezes the water out of the sponge into the empty bucket and runs to the start of the row, wets the sponge and becomes the first player.

The game continues until the large container is empty. The team with the most water in its bucket is the winner.

Change the Fun

Have all players on 1 team race against the clock.