Game Details

Snail Hopscotch

How to Play

Chalk a snail hopscotch pattern on the ground. The pattern is a spiral about 5 big steps across with a small circle in the middle. This circle is Home. Draw lines about 1 big step apart to make squares inside the snail.

The first player hops through the snail on 1 foot, landing in each of the squares and ending at Home. If the player makes it Home without stepping on a line or losing her balance, she writes her name in any square she chooses. This square now becomes a Rest Stop (can stand on 2 feet) for that player only. Players must hop over other player’s Rest Stops.

A player is out if she steps on a line, hops into another player’s Rest Stop, or puts a hand or both feet down in a square. When a player is out, her turn is over.

Continue until all the squares are Rest Stops.

The winner is the player with the most Rest Stops.