Game Details

Sledding & Hill Play

How to Play

SLED RACES – Played with 2 or more players. Set up a finish line at the bottom of the hill. Line sleds up a safe distance from each other across the top of the hill. On GO, players take off on their sleds down the course to see who can get to the finish line first. Another way to play this game is to take turns sledding down a track to see who can slide the furthest.

TEAM RELAY SLED RACES – Divide into teams of 2 or more with the same kind of sled. Each team’s players form a line at the top of the hill. Beginning on GO, the first player from each team slides down the hill to the end line, then runs back up the hill (outside of the race area) and hands the sled to the next player on his team, and so on until everyone has had a turn. The winner is the first team with all its players back at the top of the hill.

LOG ROLL RACE – Teams of 1 to 5 players log roll down a hill to see who can reach the end line first.


• Adults should provide supervision and conduct a hill safety check prior to all sledding activities.
• Choose snowy hills free of obstacles (trees, light poles, rocks, bumps, holes, etc.) with a gentle slope and long,     flat run off area.
• Dress for the weather and sled in a comfortable temperature (above -20°C with wind chill factor).
• Stay clear of traffic and water areas.
• Wear an appropriate CSA approved hockey/skating helmet.
• Go down the hill sitting with feet first or kneeling. Never go head first.
• Sleds that allow steering are safer than snow discs or tubes.
• Keep arms and legs in the sled.
• Move quickly out of the way of others and walk up the side of the hill.