Game Details

Pitthoo Garam

How to Play

Pitthoo Garam is the most popular children’s game in Pakistan. It is played in the streets by children of all ages.

Stack 7 stones in the center of the play area and draw a circle around them in the sand or dirt.

Divide players into 2 teams: The Attackers and the Defenders.

The Attackers take turns being the Thrower.

The Thrower stands 6 to 10 steps away from the stones. All other players stand around the play area.

The Thrower has 3 tries to knock over the stack of stones with the ball. If she doesn’t hit the stones the Defenders become the Attackers.

If the Thrower succeeds in knocking the stones over the Attackers attempt to re-stack the stones and quickly draw a circle around them 3 times with a finger before getting tagged. The Defenders try to tag the Attackers by hitting them with the ball below the knees.  When a player is tagged she is out.

The Attackers can swat the ball away with their hands to make it more difficult for the Defenders to catch it and tag players.

When a Defender has the ball he must freeze on the spot. He can pivot but not run with the ball.

If the Defenders tag all of the Attackers before they can re-stack the stones the Defenders score a point. If the Attackers are able to re-stack the stones before all the players on their team are tagged they get a point.

The first team to score 10 points is the winner.