Game Details

Obstacle Course

How to Play

If there is more than 1 player, split into 2 teams.

Set up 2 identical obstacle courses with 8 to 10 stations to jump over, climb under, balance on, etc. Be creative.

Start the course on GO.

Course idea: crab walk backwards 10 steps, get up and run around chairs, crawl under and jump over a number of obstacles, throw a ball or snowball into a bucket, hop to the finish line on 2 feet.

As players complete the course, they tag the next person in line. The first team to have all team members complete the course wins.

If there is only space for 1 course, time each team. The fastest team wins.

For 1 or 2 participants, players can time themselves and try to go faster each round.

Change the Fun

Try an obstacle course in snowshoes. To make snowshoes, cut 2 large ovals out of cardboard (1 step wide and 2 steps long). Place your boot in the middle of the oval and make 2 small holes on either side of your boot. Thread a shoe lace, piece of yarn or elastic through the holes so the ends are on top of your boot. Tie the 2 ends to hold the snowshoe in place. Check to make sure the showshoe stays on your boot before trying your obstacle course.

SLED PULL – Create an obstacle course with a number of objects or snow hills between the start and end lines. Players take turns pulling each other around the objects and over the hills on a sled.

SNOW HURDLES – Lightly pack a bunch of large snowballs. Use them to build a hurdles course to jump over in an obstacle course race or in a game of Follow the Leader.