Game Details


How to Play

Make a Maypole by attaching the ribbons to the top of the pole and planting the pole securely in the ground.

Choose 1 player to be the DJ.

All other players take a ribbon and step backward until the ribbons are stretched tight, with the players in a circle around the Maypole.

Assign the players to a team alternating around the pole. Team A will walk clockwise and Team B will walk counter clockwise around the pole when the music starts playing.

When the DJ turns the music on the players walk around the pole in the direction assigned to their team. Players alternate between walking to the left of the oncoming player and then to the right of the next oncoming player.

The DJ calls out commands for Team A to help guide the dance. The DJ alternates calling out OVER and UNDER each time a player from Team A passes by. OVER indicates the player from Team A is to bring her ribbon over the head of the oncoming player on Team B. UNDER indicates that the player from Team A goes under the ribbon of the oncoming player on Team B.

Players continue until the DJ stops the music.

The DJ restarts the music and the players turn around so Team A is walking counter clockwise and Team B is walking clockwise. Guided by the DJ, players retrace their steps unwrapping the ribbon from the pole.

The object of the game is to unwrap the Maypole without any knots.