Game Details

Hog Hockey

How to Play

Set up 1 goal area or net. All players team up to steal the puck away from the player who has it and score a goal.

The first player to score 10 goals is the winner.

Change the Fun

For a greater challenge, players hit a target in the centre of the goal or score only if they hit the goal posts or cross bar.

If there is no net or target, players try to keep the puck away from any opponents for as long as possible.


• Wear an appropriate CSA approved hockey/skating helmet. Knee and elbow pads are also recommended for beginner skaters.
• Wear supportive and properly fitted skates.
• Rinks are always safer than ponds. When skating on natural bodies of water make sure the ice is at least 4 inches thick and an adult is present providing supervision.
• Avoid walking or playing on ice that is on or near moving water.
• Skate in the same direction as the crowd when participating in recreational public skates.