Game Details

Giants, Wizards & Elves

How to Play

The order of the game is Giants beat Elves, Elves beat Wizards, and Wizards beat Giants.

Divide players into 2 teams.

The members of each team decide if they want to be Giants, Wizards or Elves, but keep it a secret from the other team.

Both teams then meet. Opposing team members stand back-to-back in the centre of the play area, about 2 steps apart.

On the count of 3, each team turns around and the team members complete the action for the character they have chosen:

Giants – hold their hands above their heads
Wizards – crouch and hold out their hands like they are casting a spell
Elves – crouch down and touch the ground.

Using the order, the teams figure out who wins.

The winners chase the other team to their end line.

Any tagged players become part of the opposing team.

If there is a tie, just start again.

The game ends when 1 team has all the players.

Change the Fun

Change the characters of the game.