Game Details

Ghost in the Graveyard

How to Play

This game is best played at night.

Decide on a play area and a home base that all players can touch at the same time such as a large tree or patio.

Choose 1 player to be the Ghost.

The Ghost runs and hides somewhere in the play area. All other players stand at the home base and count to 30. When they finish, they call out STARLIGHT, STAR BRIGHT, I HOPE TO SEE A GHOST TONIGHT.

All players then look for the Ghost.

The Ghost waits in her hiding spot and jumps out, surprising and tagging any player who comes too close.

When a player spots the Ghost, he yells GHOST IN THE GRAVEYARD and all players run back to the home base.

The Ghost tries to tag the running players before they make it back to the home base. If the Ghost tags a player before he reaches home base he becomes a Ghost for the next round.

All players return to the home base, and the Ghosts run and hide close to each other. All other players complete the count and look for the Ghosts.

The game continues until all players become Ghosts.