Game Details

Gaga Ball

How to Play

This game is best played in an enclosed space like a Gaga pit, room with 4 walls or fenced in backyard.

Players line up along the walls of the play area.

On GO, 1 player throws the ball into the air. Players call out GA on the first and second bounce. After the second bounce the ball is in play.

Players hit the ball with an open hand or fist towards another player’s feet. They cannot pick up, carry or throw the ball.

Once a player hits the ball, he must wait until the ball touches the wall or another player before hitting it again.

A player is out and must leave the play area if the ball touches him below the knee.

If a player catches the ball before it bounces after a hit or if the ball bounces outside the play area, the last player to touch the ball is out.

The last player in the play area is the winner.