Game Details

Four Square

How to Play

Use the chalk to draw a large square at least 6 feet wide. Divide the big square into 4 smaller squares of the same size and number them 1 to 4.

Each player stands in 1 of the 4 squares.

To start the game, the player in square 1 serves the ball by bouncing it in his own square once and then hitting it towards 1 of the other squares. The receiver hits the ball to another square before it bounces a second time in her square.

The server is out if a ball he serves misses another square or lands on the line.  A receiver is out if she allows the ball to bounce a second time in her square or is unable to hit the ball to another square.

A player who is out moves to square 4, or to the end of the line if there are more than 4 players. The players in the squares behind the player who is out move up to the next square. For example, if the player in square 2 is out he moves to square 4 and the players in squares 3 and 4 move up to squares 2 and 3.

The object of the game is to move up to square 1 and be the server.