Game Details

Football Tag

How to Play

Set a rectangular playing field. Mark a centre line and a goal line at each end of the field.

Divide players into 2 teams who have 4 tries to get the ball across the opposing team’s goal line and score a touchdown. Each team chooses a side and lines up across its goal line.

Choose the team to kick off first.

1 player on that team kicks the ball as far down the field as she can. When a player on the other team catches or picks up the ball, he runs with it or passes it to another player on his team. The team with the ball works together to score a touchdown by running the ball past the other team’s goal line.

Try 1 ends if the player with the ball is tagged by an opponent or goes out of bounds before a touchdown is scored. Try 2 starts on the spot where the player with the ball was tagged or went out of bounds. At the start of a try, the player with the ball can choose to run with it or pass it to another player on her team.

After a touchdown is scored or a team has had 4 tries without a score, all players return to the starting position and the ball is kicked to the other team.

The first team to score 3 touchdowns wins the game.