Game Details

Crows & Cranes

How to Play

Divide the play area in half with a centre line and mark 2 end lines.

1 player is the Leader. The rest divide into 2 teams: the Crows and the Cranes.

Opposing team members stand back to back on the centre line, about 2 steps apart.

The Leader calls out CROWS or CRANES. When CROWS is called, the Crows turn and chase the Cranes to their end line. When CRANES is called, the Cranes turn and chase the Crows to their end line.

If a player is tagged he joins the other team. The team that collects all the players is the winner.

The Leader can call out other tricky words that begin with CR, such as CRACKERS or CREAM. Players who begin to move must do 10 jumping jacks.

Change the Fun

Tag players by throwing a snowball at their legs.