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How to Play

Cricket has been a part of Caribbean culture since the 1700s and it remains extremely popular.

Set a rectangular play area inside an oval playing field. Place a wicket at each end of the play area.

Divide players into 2 teams: Batsmen and Fielders.

Fielders try to hit the wicket with the ball and Batsmen try to keep the ball from hitting the wickets.

Choose 1 player from the Batsman to be a Striker and 1 to be a Non-Striker. Striker and Non-Striker stand at opposite ends of the play area.

Choose 1 player from the Fielders to be a Bowler who stands behind the wicket with the Non-Striker. Choose 1 player from the Fielders to be a Wicket Keeper who squats behind the wicket of the Striker. All other Fielders scatter around the playing field outside of the play area.

The Bowler runs and pitches the ball to the Striker. The Striker attempts to hit the ball with the bat. If the Striker hits the ball the Striker and Non-Striker run to the other end of the play area switching positions.

The Striker is out if:

• A Fielder catches the ball before it touches the ground.
• The Bowler hits the wicket behind the Striker.
• A Fielder hits the wicket with the ball when the Striker and the Non-Striker are attempting to switch positions.
• The Striker hits a wicket with the ball.
• The ball hits the Striker but it would have hit the wicker had he not been in the way.

The Striker scores a point for each time he and the Non-striker are able to switch positions before the Fielders are able to get him out. If the Striker hits the ball outside the oval playing field he automatically scores 6 points. If the ball hits the ground before it goes outside the oval playing field he scores 4 points.

Once every Batsman has had a turn being the Striker, Batsman and Fielders switch places.

The team with the most points after every player has had a turn as Striker is the winner.