Game Details

Beach Towel Toss

How to Play

Divide players into teams of 2. Give each team a towel.

Each player holds 2 corners of her team’s towel.

Players form a circle at least 6 steps across the middle. Give 1 team a water balloon.

On GO, the team with the water balloon uses its towel to toss it to another team. The other team tries to catch the water balloon using its towel. Teams toss the water balloon back and forth counting each time the balloon is successfully caught.

If the water balloon is successfully tossed and caught 5 times in a row, each team takes a step back and the game restarts.

If the water balloon falls on the ground or breaks players return to their starting positions and the game restarts.

The object of the game is to work as a team and go as long as possible without dropping or breaking the balloon.