Game Details

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How to Play

Decide on 5 Shot Spots near the hoop and mark them with sidewalk chalk or cones. Number them 1 to 5.

Players line up at the first Shot Spot.

The first player takes a shot at the basket. If he scores a basket, he moves to the next Shot Spot and attempts another basket. He continues around the Shot Spots until he misses the basket.

When he misses the basket he passes the ball to the next player and moves to the back of the line.

On the player’s next turn he returns to the last Shot Spot he attempted a basket from and continues from that spot.

When a player misses a basket he can choose to make another attempt at the basket but if he misses his second shot he must start over on the first Shot Spot.

The first player to score a basket from each Shot Spot is the winner.

Change the Fun

Add more Shot Spots.