Game Details

Animal Olympics

How to Play

Cut out 6 pieces of paper. Make Animal Cards by writing each of these animals on a piece of paper: Bunny, Monkey, Cheetah, Cat, Gorilla and Horse. Put all the Animal Cards into a bag or hat.

Set up the equipment needed for the Animal actions.

Select 1 of the Animal Cards from the bag or hat.

All players take turns performing the correct action for the animal selected.

Animal actions:

Bunny – Hop over a stick or broom handle 5 times (raise the stick to make it more challenging)
Monkey – Perform gymnastics such as leaps, cartwheels and somersaults
Cheetah – Mark a start and finish line and run a short distance
Cat – Place a long string on the ground and walk along it without stepping off
Gorilla – Lift a stick or broom handle with bean bags tied to the end like a barbell
Horse – Run 2-3 times around the play area

When every player has completed the action select another Animal Card.

Change the Fun

Choose your own animals and create the actions.