Game Details

Alaska Serum Race

How to Play

The doctor needs the Serum in order to save the patient, and time is running out.

Divide players into teams of 2. 1 player sits on the sled and the other player pulls the sled.

Decide on a round trip course for the players to run, such as to a tree and back or once around the house. At the half way point of the course set up the Serum (plastic bottles).

Teams line up at the starting point.

On GO, teams race to pick up the Serum. When a team reaches the Serum the players switch positions so the player sitting in the sled does the pulling. Then they race back to the doctor at the starting point.

The first team to complete the course and bring the Serum to the doctor wins.

Change the Fun

Play as individuals. Make the Serum a cup filled with water. Players put the Serum on their sled and race around a course trying not to spill the water. If a player spills his water he must return to the start line, fill his cup and start again.

Play in teams of 3-4. Increase the number of stops along the course so each player gets a turn pulling the sled.