Game Details

What Time Is It, Mr. Wolf?

How to Play

Choose 1 player to be Mr. Wolf. He stands with his back to the rest of the players lined up at the opposite end of the play area.

The players call out, WHAT TIME IS IT, MR. WOLF?

Mr. Wolf shouts out a time between 1 & 12 o’clock.

The number he shouts is the number of steps the players take toward him (for 9 o’clock take 9 steps).

Once the players get close to Mr. Wolf, he shouts LUNCH TIME! and chases them back to the start line.

If a player is caught by Mr. Wolf, that player becomes Mr. Wolf.

Change the Fun

Players caught by Mr. Wolf join his wolf pack and help him tag the other players.

Mr. Wolf can shout out activities instead of a time. Example: TIME TO DO 10 BUNNY HOPS or TIME TO DO 3 SOMERSAULTS, ending with TIME TO EAT YOU ALL UP!