Game Details

Treasure Hunt

How to Play

ACTIVE EGG HUNT – Write a different fitness activity and a score on several small papers. Fill a number of plastic eggs or small containers with the papers. Place the eggs into freshly fallen snow so that they are hidden from sight but can be easily located on a hunt. Be sure to keep track of how many eggs have been hidden. When a player finds an egg, she must complete the activity inside to get the points. All players must wait until she is finished before they can hunt for the next egg. The player with the most points after all the eggs have been found is the winner.

FLAG FIND – Tie a small cloth to the end of a short stick to make a flag. Select a player to hide the stick anywhere in the play area. Keep time of how long it takes for the rest of the group to find the flag. Repeat the
hunt until all the players have had a chance to hide the flag. The player who hid the flag that takes the longest time to find wins the game.

SNACK SEARCH – Pack a container full of healthy treats as the Treasure and bury it in the snow. Create clues to lead the players to the Treasure. Clues could be riddles or pictures. Place each clue in a plastic bag and
hide it in the snow. Begin the hunt by giving the players the first clue. When the Treasure is found, everyone shares the snack!

ICE JEWELS – Fill ice cube trays with water and food colouring to make Jewels. Make lots of different coloured Jewels but only 1 that is blue. Hide the Jewels around the yard. Have prizes for the player who finds
the most Jewels and for the player who finds the blue Jewel.

Change the Fun

Play in teams.

In the summer, play Snack Search in the sand.