Game Details


How to Play

Divide into 2 teams and choose 1 Leader. Each team stands on a goal line at either end of the playing area. Goal lines are 20 or 30 steps apart.

Give each player a number, starting with 1 at opposite ends of each team’s line.

Place a beanbag in the centre of the play area.

The Leader calls out a number. The players that have been given that number on each team race to the centre.

Each player tries to swipe the beanbag and run back to his team’s goal line without getting tagged by his opponent. If the player gets back to his end line without being tagged, he gets a point. If the player is tagged, his opponent gets a point.

After each tag or score, the beanbag is returned to the centre and another number is called. Play until a team reaches a certain number of points.

Change the Fun

In the winter, use a snowball instead of a beanbag.