Game Details


How to Play

Each player is given a number.

All players gather around 1 player who has a ball.

She throws the ball high into the air and shouts out a number, while everyone scatters away as fast as possible.

The player whose number was called catches the ball or picks it up and shouts FREEZE. Everyone stops moving.

The player with the ball may take 3 steps toward any other player, and throw or roll the ball at them to tag them.

If the ball tags the player, that player gets an S – the first letter of the word SPUD. If the ball misses, the thrower gets the letter S.

The player who receives the letter becomes the ball thrower for the next round.

Once a player has spelled SPUD, she is out of the game. The last player to spell SPUD is the winner.

Change the Fun

Choose to spell a different fun word, such as SNOW or SLED.

Players with the ball are not allowed to take any steps before rolling at another player.

Allow the frozen players to try and dodge the ball without moving their feet.

Use a different movement each round to run away from the ball thrower, such as running backwards, skipping, hopping on 1 foot, running on hands and feet.

Give players names of animals, trees or cities instead of numbers.