Game Details

Snow Golf

How to Play

Make a course by packing snow down in 6 to 10 areas, about 6 big steps apart. Bury open cans in the packed down sections of snow to make the holes. Number the holes.

Add wacky obstacles like hula-hoops stuck half way in the snow, snow bumps, or a snow tunnel for the ball to travel through.

All players stand at the start line with a golf club or hockey stick and take turns hitting the puck or ball into hole number 1.

When all the players have hit their balls into the can at a hole, they go to the next hole.

Use the paper as a scorecard and write down the number of hits it takes each player to get the ball into each hole. When all the players have finished the course, add the number of hits for each player. The winner is the player with the lowest number.