Game Details

Ship’s Captain

How to Play

Pretend the play area is a ship and decide which end is the front.

1 player is the Captain. All other players are Sailors and stand facing the Captain.

On GO, the Captain calls out a command from the list below and all Sailors follow with the correct action

Captain commands and actions:

Bow – Run to the front of the ship
Stern – Run to the back of the ship
Port – Run to the left side of the ship
Starboard – Run to the right side of the ship
Hit the deck – Lie down on your stomach
Attention on deck – Salute and yell, AYE, AYE, CAPTAIN. Players freeze until the captain shouts, AT EASE
Abandon ship – Find a partner, sit face-to-face and pretend to row a lifeboat

If a player doesn’t do the correct action he is out.

The last Sailor on the ship is the winner and becomes the new Captain.

Change the Fun

Play in a pool.

Add more commands and actions:

Love boat – Find a partner and begin dancing
Crow’s nest – Find a partner and 1 Sailor gives the other a piggyback
Periscope – Lie down and raise one leg straight up in the air
Scrub the deck – Drop to your knees and pretend to scrub the deck
Climb the rigging – Pretend to climb a rope
Mess Deck – Sit cross-legged on the floor