Game Details


How to Play

This game follows the same rules as Baseball, with the Batter kicking the ball.

Set up the play area in a diamond shape by placing the 4 hula hoops at the points as bases. Choose 1 base to be home plate.

Divide the players into 2 teams.

Choose 1 team to be the Kicking Team. The other team is the Field Team and takes these field positions.

Pitcher stands in the middle of the diamond
Catcher stands behind home plate
On 1st base
On 2nd base
On 3rd base
The rest of the players on the Field Team spread out evenly in the outfield behind the bases.

Kicking Team:

The Kicking Team take turns as the Batter standing next to the home plate.

The Pitcher rolls the ball toward home plate and the Batter tries to kick it. When the Batter kicks the ball, he runs around the bases in order as far as he can make it without being tagged. If the Batter misses the ball, it counts as a strike. After 3 strikes he is out.

All bases are safe zones for Batters. The Kicking Team scores a point when a Batter makes it safely all the way around the bases and crosses the home plate.

Field Team:

When the Batter kicks the ball the Field Team tries to get the Batter out by catching the ball before it touches the ground or tagging the Batter with the ball when he is not on a base. The Field Team can also tag the base the Batter is running toward if he cannot return to a previous base because another Batter is already there.

When the Kicking team has 3 outs the teams switch places, and the Field Team becomes the Kicking Team.

The first team to get 5 points is the winner.