Game Details

Kick the Can

How to Play

Set a can inside a small marked circle.1 person will be the Guard.

1 player kicks the can out of the circle, and everyone hides. The Guard puts the can back in the circle, then goes to find everyone.

When a player is found, the Guard calls out the player’s name and they race back to the can.

If the Guard kicks the can first, the player is caught. If the player kicks the can first, he hides again as the Guard returns the can to the circle.

Caught players stand in the circle and call RESCUE when the Guard is not looking. Any other player can then run out to kick the can, without the Guard seeing, to rescue the caught player. Both players then run and hide again. Players must be rescued in the same order they were caught.

Only the Guard replaces the can after a kick. Kicks don’t count if the can was not in the circle.