Game Details

Jack Frost

How to Play

Set the chairs up in a large circle. There should be 1 less chair than the number of players.

Choose 1 player to be Jack Frost. Jack Frost stands in the middle of the circle.

Divide all other players into 3 teams named the Snowballs, the Snowflakes and the Icicles.

The teams sit down on the chairs.

On GO, Jack Frost calls out a team name such as SNOWFLAKES.

When a team name is called all of the players on that team get up, run to a new chair and sit down. At the same time, Jack Frost tries to run and sit down in 1 of the chairs.

The player who didn’t get a chair is Jack Frost for the next round.

If Jack Frost calls out SNOWSTORM all players must run and find a new chair.