Game Details

Hound & Hunter

How to Play

Hide the items around the play area. Decide on a home base such as a tree or patio.

Players pair off and choose 1 player to be the Hound and the other to be the Hunter.

The Hound creates a unique bark and shares it with his Hunter.

When you call out RELEASE THE HOUNDS, the Hounds race to find the hidden items. The Hunters must stay on the home base.

When a Hound finds a hidden item he barks as loudly as possible. When a Hunter hears her Hound’s bark she runs to find her Hound and pick up the hidden item.

More than 1 Hound can bark at the same item. The Hunters race to pick up the hidden item first.

Once a Hunter has picked up a hidden object she must return to home base and the Hound looks for another hidden item.

The first pair to collect 4 hidden items and return to the home base is the winner.