Game Details


How to Play

1 player is the leader for the first round and takes the first shot. If the leader misses his first shot, he gets an H and the game moves on to round 2.

If the leader scores a basket, each player must follow in order, attempting the exact same shot.

The players who miss the shot get an H.

Player number 2 starts round 2. All players who miss this shot get an O if they already have the letter H, or an H if this is their first miss.

When a player spells the word HORSE, he is out of the game. The last player to spell the word HORSE is the winner.

Change the Fun

Select a leader who leads all rounds of play instead of rotating leaders each round.

Use a bucket or garbage can for a basket.

Change the throwing object – flying disc, beach ball, rubber ball, beanbag, etc.