Game Details

Hoop Dancing

How to Play

In First Nations and M├ętis hoop dancing the hoop symbolizes the never ending circle of life. During the dance, shapes of popular characters from traditional stories are formed, such as the Eagle, the Snake, and the Coyote.

Start with these four simple moves. Repeat each move over and over, faster each time.

1. Hold the hoop between your legs. Step through the hoop with your right foot crossing it over your left foot. Cross your left foot over your right foot as you step through the hoop again. Try to step forward as you step through the hoop.

2. Place the hoop under your left knee. Bring your knee to your chest. Lean forward and stick your head and shoulder through the hoop. The hoop will now be under your right knee. Bring your right knee to your chest and bring the hoop up over your head. Try not to step out of the hoop.

3. Bring the hoop down over your head and tuck it behind your knees. Squat, and bring the front of the hoop up over your head and down your back. As you get better at the move, try it without using your hands.

4. Bring the hoop over your head quickly and down your back. Jump when the hoop gets to your feet, bringing the hoop back to your front. Keep doing this faster and faster until you can do it without stopping.