Game Details

Fox & Geese

How to Play

Stomp a path in the snow to make a big circle. Then stomp lines across the circle until there are 4 or 6 pie shapes. Stomp a Hen House at the centre of the big circle.

Choose 1 player to be the Fox. The other players are the Geese.

The Fox tries to tag the Geese, who run away along the stomped lines. If a Goose is tagged, she joins the Fox in chasing the Geese.

Geese are safe from the Fox in the Hen House. No more than 1 Goose can be in the Hen House at a time. The Goose who is there must leave when another enters. The winner is the last Goose to be tagged.

Change the Fun

Geese can only use the big circle to run away from the Fox.

When a Goose is tagged she becomes the Fox.

The first Goose to make it to the Hen House becomes the Fox.

Make game shapes on the snow or ground using food colouring and water in a spray bottle.

Play in sand or use sidewalk chalk to draw game shapes on cement.