Game Details

Follow the Leader

How to Play

Choose 1 player to be the Leader.

The leader performs different actions such as clapping, crawling, dancing, jumping jacks or skipping. The other players follow the actions and path of the Leader.

If a player doesn’t follow the exact actions of the Leader he is out. The last player in the game becomes the new Leader.

Change the Fun

Choose 1 player to be the Detective.

All other players stand in a circle and the Detective leaves the room.

Choose 1 player to be the Leader keeping it a secret from the Detective.

Call the Detective back into the room to stand in the middle of the circle. The Leader starts to sway, wave her arms, tap her foot, changing from motion to motion. All other players copy the movements of the Leader.

The Detective has to guess which player is the Leader.
When the Detective finds the Leader, choose new players to be the Leader and Detective.