Game Details

Flying Disc Golf

How to Play

Make a course with 6 to 10 targets using trees, fence posts, a spot on the ground, baskets, hula-hoops, etc.

All players stand at the start line and take turns throwing at target 1. When all players have had a turn, they run to their discs. Round 2 of throwing at the target begins with the player whose disc is farthest away, followed by the next farthest player, and so on.

Use the paper for a scorecard and write down the number of throws each person takes for each target. When all players have completed the course, add the number of throws for each player. The winner is the player with the lowest number.

Change the Fun

TEAM SCRAMBLE – Divide into 2 teams. All players from 1 team take their first throw. All players from the other team take their first throw. Each team moves to its flying disc that landed closest to the target. All players throw their second shot from that point, and so on until both teams reach the target. When both teams have completed the course, add the number of throws for each team. The winner is the team with the lowest number.

Use a ball instead of a flying disc, and baskets or hula-hoops for targets.

Golf with a snowball. If it breaks, make another where it landed.

Create a mini golf course in the snow. Hit a small rubber ball with a hockey stick or broom through recycled plastic containers sunk in the snow. Add wacky obstacles like hula-hoops stuck half way in the snow, snow bumps, or a snow tunnel for the ball to travel through.