Game Details

Drip Drip Drop

How to Play

Choose one player to be the Water Tap.

All other players sit cross legged in a circle.

The Water Tap stands outside the circle holding a cup filled with water.

The Water Tap chooses a category such as colours and tells the other players. The Water Tap then chooses an everyday colour and keeps it a secret from the other players.

The Water Tap walks around the circle stopping at each player.

When the Water Tap stops at a sitting player, that player calls out a colour.

If the sitting player calls out a different colour than the Water Tap’s secret colour, the Water Tap drips a little bit of water from the cup on her head and moves on to the next player.

If the sitting player calls out the same colour as the Water Tap’s secret, the Water Tap drops the whole cup of water on her head. Then the Water Tap and the player who guessed correctly race around the circle. The first player to get around the circle and sit in the empty spot joins the circle and the other player becomes the Water Tap.