Game Details


How to Play

1 player is the Leader. All other players stand in a circle around the Leader.

The Leader throws the ball to a player in the circle. The catching player must clap once and say his name before catching the ball.

If the catching player misses or drops the ball, doesn’t clap, or doesn’t say his name he is out. If a player claps when it is not her turn she is out.

The player with the ball throws it back to the Leader and the game continues. The last player standing in the circle is the winner.

Change the Fun

Chinese Ball

All players stand in a circle. 1 player quickly throws the ball across the circle to another player.

When a player catches the ball, the players on either side raise the arm closest to the player with the ball and hold it in the air until the ball is passed to another player.

If a player misses or drops the ball or fails to raise the correct arm when her neighbor catches the ball, she is out.

The game is over when there are only 3 players left.