Game Details


How to Play

Mark 2 lines about 20-30 steps apart in the sand and place the bottle in the middle. Surround the bottle with sand.

Divide players into 2 teams: Team A and Team B.

Choose 1 player from Team A to be the Bottler. The Bottler stands in the middle next to the bottle. The players from Team B stand outside the lines with half on 1 side of the play area and half on the other. Give Team B the ball.

On GO, the Bottler tries to fill the bottle with sand and empty it 6 times without getting tagged with the ball.

The players on Team B try to tag the Bottler with the ball by throwing it back and forth across the play area.

The Bottler can catch the ball and throw it as far away as possible. When the Bottler is tagged by the ball she is out and the next player from Team A is the Bottler.

If the Bottler is able to fill the bottle with sand 6 times without getting out she scores a point and the next player on her team is the Bottler.

When all players on Team A have had a turn being the Bottler, the teams switch sides.

The first team to score 5 points is the winner.

Change the Fun

Play with snow instead of sand in the winter.