Game Details

Basketball Golf

How to Play

Decide on 9 Shot Spots near the hoop and mark them with sidewalk chalk or cones. Number them 1 to 9.

Players line up at the first Shot Spot.

The first player takes a shot at the basket. If he scores a basket on the first attempt, the score for that Shot Spot is 1. If the player misses the shot, he must shoot from where he grabbed the rebound. The score for that Shot Spot is the number of shots it took the player to make the basket.

After all players have scored a basket on the first Shot Spot they move to the second Shot Spot.

Use the paper for a scorecard and write down the number of throws each person takes for each Shot Spot. When all players have completed the course, add the number of shots for each player. The winner is the player with the lowest number.