Game Details

Anti Anti i-Over

How to Play

Divide into 2 teams, 1 on each side of the shed or sheet.

1 team tosses the ball over the obstacle while shouting ANTI, ANTI I-OVER.

The other team tries to catch the ball before it hits the ground.

If the ball is caught, the catching team runs around the shed or sheet in 1 direction—without warning to the other team—and tries to tag the throwing team members by hand or with the ball. The throwing team runs for safety on the other side.

If they don’t catch the ball, they don’t run, but simply take their turn throwing to the other side.

Any tagged players must join the other team.

Now the team that caught the ball will throw it.

The team that ends up with all of the players wins.

Change the Fun

Let the throwing team know the ball is caught or missed by calling out CATCH or MISS.