Game Details


How to Play

Choose 1 player to be the first thrower.

The rest of the players should be 15 to 20 steps away from the thrower.

The thrower shouts out a number and throws the ball toward the group so everyone has an equal chance of catching it.

The player who catches the ball gets the number of points the thrower shouted.

The thrower continues to throw the ball until another player makes enough catches to add up to 500 points.

This player now becomes the thrower.

Change the Fun

If a player drops the ball, the points shouted out by the thrower are taken away from the player’s score. Negative scores can be used.

Throw a flying disc or a football instead.

For older children: Use a bat to hit a baseball or softball to the other players. Each type of hit gets a point value.

Try: grounders – 25 points; one hop – 50 points; line drive –75 points; pop fly – 100 points.