Game Details


How to Play

Place a hula hoop at 1 end of the play area to be home base. Decide on a course for the Batters to run, starting at and returning to home base.

Choose 3 players to be the team of Batters. All other players spread out evenly around the play area and try to get the Batters out.

The 3 Batters line up in front of the home base. Give 1 Batter a soccer ball, 1 the volleyball and 1 the football.

On GO, all 3 Batters release their balls. The Batter with the soccer ball kicks the ball, the Batter with the volleyball bumps or volleys the ball and the Batter with the football throws the ball.

After the Batters release their balls, they run as far around the course as they can without getting out.

The team of Batters are out if any 1 ball is caught in the air before it touches the ground or if all 3 balls are returned to home base before all 3 Batters complete the course and make it back to home base.

If all 3 Batters make it back to home base without getting out they get another turn being Batters.

When the Batters are out choose a new team of Batters and play again.